An Israeli gent with a love of ornate, glittering language and a homespun, plain speaking Englishwoman.


A chance review on an online writing site and a connection was created between this odd pairing. They both have a love for flamboyant, bigger than life characters and a deep passion for storytelling. The total commitment to their writing and each other has resulted in an amazing achievement: their debut novel No Grave for the Orchids.


Out of cooperation, but also strife and tears, their story emerged. The idea grew organically, with each having input in every paragraph, making the writing process difficult in ways they couldn’t have imagined. There was the additional difficulty of them never having met, so language nuances were often misinterpreted.


Yet despite the hardships they are determined to continue their beloved collaboration and are already writing a sequel and a stand-alone novel.

Who is JC Linden?

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