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Hello! We are JC Linden.

A collaboration between two writers Aviv and Nurgish.

We met on an online forum in 2015.  Decided to collaborate on a whim. (Best whim ever!)

By the second week of the initial agreement we were writing our first novel No Grave for the Orchids.

2017-08-07 009.png

In the wasteland of

post-apocalyptic England, is there anyone the twins can trust?

When an expedition party is ambushed, Aiden and Sophia are the only ones willing to risk their lives to find their captured parents before they are sold as slaves.

A chance meeting with a young woman turns their troubled lives into turmoil. Aiden is tortured by the feelings she stirs in him, while a suspicious Sophia is unsure of the friendship offered. Should the twins put aside their differences and except the strangers help?


She says, without her, there is no hope for their parents.

Is that the truth? Or will her promise prove false, and lead them to their deaths.


A wonderful rarity in a modern novel. Thought provoking, heart rending read.

- J. Peters

JC Linden has created characters you will really care about.

- bigfatbooksblog

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