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Here are some of the nice things people have said about No Grave for the Orchids.

Set in a time a few generations after the end of the world as we know it, @jc_linden's novel is a story of a quest. Sophie, Aiden and Grayson’s parents have been taken by slave traders. Twins, Sophie and Aiden head out into the perilous wilderness hoping to get them back before they are shipped off. What awaits them is a cruel understanding of humanity. Civilisation has regressed to a medieval culture of suspicious strangers, murderous thieves and lost and abandoned orphans. There are many religions and very few prescribe peace. No Grave for the Orchids is brutal in its description of what people can become when society collapses - evil and destructive. But there is a flicker of hope, there is tenderness in the love of a pregnant Cassandra and the realisation that family is the anchor that keeps one from drifting away in the storm. I’ve enjoyed this novel and look forward to sequels it’ll spark. @JC_Linden has created characters you will really care about. 
bigfatbooksblog, 05/09/2017
The post apocalyptical novel refers to a port town with crumbling structures - a feeling of desolation in contrast to the joyful pond of the earlier sketch. Its a place of apathy where citizens turn a blind eye to slave traders. And the line conveys so much - reluctance might be a choice, but it stems from a feeling. As before, do read this book, it's very interesting.
bigfatbooksblog, 06/09/2017
"No grave for the orchids" is an adventure novel taking place in a dystopian future world in which the infrastructure of a modern functioning state has collapsed into a violent tribal society where slave-trade, theft and murder are common practice.

The main characters are three siblings whose parents were kidnapped (to be sold as slaves) and a young pregnant women, Cassandra, who ran away from her barbaric kinsmen who had kidnapped the former's parents.
The two older siblings meet Cassandra on their way to free their parents, while the younger brother stays behind with the people of their hometown.

Inspired by the literary style of "Song of Ice and Fire" and other recent dystopian future young adult adventure novels such as "Hunger Games", the story is recounted intimately from the points of view of the main characters.
This book is fast-paced and easy-to-read without compromising the complexity of the plot and the depth of the main characters. The character of the old sister, Sophia, stands out in its complexity and development throughout the story. This book is a very good read, and I would recommend it to anybody who loves the genre.

Adam, 30/6/2017

This turned out to be a riveting read, the kind of book you can't wait to get back to. It is unpredictable and includes some interesting, and at times disturbing, images and themes. These are built up through the highly descriptive style of writing within the book. I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a really good read!

Rachel, 16/8/2017

I found myself engulfed, unsure of who to trust. Kill or be killed......Aiden, his twin sister Sophia, along with their younger brother Grayson are alone, their parents have been abducted by seafarers and are most likely dead! Unable to accept this as truth they decide to try and rescue them. But they can't save them all........A compelling read. A desire to read on, An unpredictable ending.

Andrea, 20/7/2017

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