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JC Linden is a collaboration between two authors

Aviv and Nurgish.


Aviv lives in Israel. He studied literature and philosophy at uni. Literature, thinking it would help establish him as an author, and philosophy because of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Wittgenstein’s investigation into the meaning of meaning.


Writing books, revising drafts, getting an agent, and overall having a book published, takes a while. So to keep himself busy he’s recently taken up game development. Indie, of course.

Check out Cosmic Void.

He has a black cat. In cat years she’s quite the old lady.

Nurgish lives in England. She has had various careers, nursery nurse, cook in a care home, washer-up in a pub, hairdresser, but has written through all of them, poems short stories, articles. Since working with Aviv, writing is no longer relegated to the side-lines but has become the main focus.

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Want to see some of Aviv's artwork?

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